Crisis Event Response and Recovery Access 


What is CERRA?

The Crisis Event Response and Recovery Access (CERRA) represents a nationwide effort sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Emergency Services Sector Coordinating Council (ESSCC) to create a nationwide approach for managing access and re-entry before, during, and after emergencies. CERRA is designed to allow emergency management officials, law enforcement, and businesses to efficiently coordinate access to expedite community and economic recovery.

CERRA uses a local approach in which jurisdictions use the CERRA Framework to adopt their own Emergency Access Program that allows them to become interoperable nationwide, and also include various additions and amendments that are crucial to their individual jurisdiction. This process is coordinated through the CERRA Clearinghouse to ensure that each jurisdiction can understand the exact steps they need to take in order to get involved with CERRA and that they can participate with ease. 

CERRA Framework

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What is the CERRA Framework?

The CERRA Framework is the DHS published document that establishes a best practices approach to management of access and re-entry issues. This framework has been compiled by DHS with the help of hundreds of other participants ranging from critical infrastructure and private sector partners to local/state law enforcement and emergency management organizations. The framework is designed to provide communities a method to manage and control access for their jurisdiction while increasing interoperability nationwide through the use of a common access management process.

Need a Quick One-Page Reference Guide on CERRA?

The below button links to the DHS CERRA One-Pager which includes some basic information about CERRA, as well as contact information in case you want to download and distribute this information to anyone else

CERRA Involvement


How do I get my jurisdiction or organization to participate in CERRA?

Participation in CERRA is a very easy process which we are here to help guide you through. The following steps outline exactly what you need to do in order to start the process of CERRA participation:

1. Contact a CERRA Outreach Representative

Reach out to a CERRA representative today who can answer your questions and help guide you through the next steps to participating within CERRA.

2.  Set-up a CERRA Presentation (Webinar/In-Person) for your jurisdiction

A CERRA outreach representative will be able to come to your jurisdiction or provide a webinar presentation in which your key stakeholders can participate and better understand the important aspects of adopting a CERRA Access Program.

3. CERRA Working Group

A CERRA outreach representative will help the jurisdiction set up a group that will review the CERRA Framework with their key stakeholders. This Working Group will focus on any amendments to the CERRA Framework that are jurisdiction specific. These will help ensure that the individual jurisdiction can control their own program and also be interoperable nationwide. 

Once this process is complete your CERRA outreach representative will review any outstanding tasks to ensure your jurisdiction is prepared to implement their own CERRA emergency access program!