The Crisis Event Response and Recovery Access (CERRA) Effort

The goal of the CERRA Effort is to enable jurisdictions to use one standard format for reentry access after disasters. This effort has been underway since 2016 and is now launching it's nationwide outreach effort to educate jurisdictions, law enforcement, and the private sector.

The beginnings (2016)

The Department of Homeland Security Crisis Event Response and Recovery (CERRA) Effort was started in 2016 as a response to the lack of reentry coordination during emergency events and the devastating economic impact this was having in jurisdictions across the country.

CERRA Access Programs (2018)

With the CERRA Framework published, jurisdictions now had the ability to use a national standard to manage their local access, and give their organizations the ability to coordinate reentry access on a national level. As of Q3 of 2018, there are now over 30 jurisdictions, including 4 states that have participating CERRA Access Programs!

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The CERRA Framework (March 2018)

As of March 2018, the DHS CERRA Framework has officially been published. The framework acts as a guideline to jurisdictions for the CERRA best-practices approach. The framework is the best place to start for new jurisdictions or stakeholders interested in learning more about CERRA!

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The CERRA Outreach Effort (2018 - 2021)

The CERRA Outreach Effort will be going nationwide through 2018 and beyond to educate state and local jurisdictions, law enforcement, and key stakeholders on the CERRA Effort as well as assisting all of these stakeholders in participating in, and setting up, their own CERRA Access Programs.


Local Control with Nationwide Interoperability.

CERRA is focused on setting up locally controlled CERRA Access Program's that utilize the nationwide CERRA Clearinghouse to be interoperable with all other participating jurisdictions.


The CERRA Access Process

The CERRA Access Process is a standard process for reentry that follows the same basic outline of every emergency access situation.

The key difference with CERRA is that the Access Program's are managed locally and use a nationwide interoperable Clearinghouse to ensure that one access placard can work across multiple jurisdictions. In addition, this same process can be applied to non-emergency situations and any type of access requirements your organization or jurisdiction needs to fulfill!

Please watch the attached video for a brief introduction on this process.