CERRA Access Program Providers

The CERRA Effort is supported nationwide by individual Private or Non-Profit organizations that help to establish and manage jurisdictional Access Programs. These organizations assist Jurisdictions integrate CERRA into their preparedness planning, facilitate outreach efforts to both Public and Private Organizations, and implement designated Access Programs when necessary.


Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS) Program

CEAS is the current largest provider for Re-Entry Access in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Region. Their program allows private-sector companies to apply for access cards for select employees, through a partnership with government, identifying them as “essential personnel” during a critical event, providing the ability to travel, enter affected areas, and service critical infrastructure. In addition, the CEAS Program is transitioning to support the CERRA Effort for all of its current and future jurisdictions.

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The ER-ITN Access Program

The ER-ITN Access Program is a provider of Re-Entry Access in the Gulf Coast Region. ER-ITN supports the reentry and access needs of Mississippi and Louisiana to ensure there is a coordinated access approach across both states. Their focus is to provide Public and Private organizations with the necessary Paper and Mobile Placards for reentry, while also helping all involved organizations coordinate their post-event access needs.

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The Reentry Access Group

The Reentry Access Group provides emergency and event, as well as, daily Access needs to to Private and Public organizations in Louisiana and Harris County, TX Industrial Sector. Reentry Access Group operates with the goal of ensuring organizations can use their Mobile or Paper Reentry Placards both as a method of access during emergencies and events, as well as an applicable tracking and access tool for daily use. Reentry Access Group is a leading partner in the effort for Harris County, TX adoption of their own CERRA Access Program.


Emergency Responder Info-Net

Emergency Responder Info-Net is a proposed CERRA Access Program provider currently focusing on working with new regions across in the country in order to support their expansion into the CERRA Effort. Their efforts to date have been to coordinate the outreach of CERRA with law enforcement both locally and through national association outreach.