CERRA Access Programs

The CERRA Framework and CERRA Outreach Effort is focused on setting up "CERRA Access Programs". These programs are designed to allow jurisdictions to control access during both emergency events and standard events by using the guidelines of the CERRA Framework, with the management and oversight of a local jurisdiction.

CERRA Access Programs are managed using a combination of a desktop and mobile application to ensure that jurisdictions have the ability to to dynamically manage access at any point throughout an incident.. The below information outlines the ability of the system and uses some references from the CERRA Framework. Please review the framework itself or contact the Clearinghouse for any questions regarding direct operations of a program

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Vehicle Placard

The Vehicle Placard is the main Access format used in a CERRA Access Program. This placard is standardized across all jurisdictions, but can be customized to show different information that jurisdictions require. The Vehicle Placard comes in several formats, ranging from a Paper Vehicle Placard to an electronic Mobile Placard.


Letter of Access

The Letter of Access is the secondary Access format used in a CERRA Access Program. This document is formatted differently to allow for specific organizations and jurisdictions who require a letter form for access. This Letter of Access comes in both a Paper and Mobile form. 

The No-Cost to Jurisdictions CERRA Suite

The CERRA Suite includes two management applications and one law enforcement application. The management applications include a desktop portal and mobile application to allow jurisdictions and organizations to manage and track personnel before, during, and after emergencies or planned events, by offering geolocation and reporting capabilities. These two applications will be briefly introduced below.

The law enforcement application allows law enforcement officers to manage access by viewing validated Access Program documentation. 

To learn more about the Law Enforcement Application please contact the CERRA Clearinghouse.

CERRA Desktop Manager


Desktop Manager

The CERRA Desktop Manager is the management portal used by both jurisdictions and organizations in order to manage their access needs. In the jurisdiction's capacity, the desktop manager allows them to see all people/organizations registered, manage multiple incidents or events at once, and receive reporting and real-time information regarding the status of access into their jurisdiction. In the organization’s capacity, the desktop manager allows them to see all their individual employees and registered contractors and vendors (categorized in the form that best suits the organization), as well as receive real-time updates regarding the status of their organization’s access status and reports on the incident or event itself.

As a reminder, the CERRA Desktop Manager and all other applications in the CERRA Suite are offered at NO COST to Jurisdictions